Project Planning

  • Once the job is awarded, sales team reviews the project details like costing, time lines, and deliverables to the design, planning, procurement, administration & Project team.
  • Design team works on the design evaluation, visits site for site related information and shop drawing development and estimation of materials.
  • Planning team works on the time schedules, procurement schedules and the manpower needs.
  • Administration team works on the insurance formalities, ESIC, PF requirements and other compliances.
  • Site management team will establish the site conditions, nearby hospitals, material and manpower movement facilities to understand the challenges.
  • The procurement will conclude the procurement schedule, cost targets, supplier identification and the cash flow chart.
  • The site management team is given instructions by the project management team on the schedules and mile stones to be achieved.
  • The quality checks, safety checks, mile stones achieved and measurements and the billing process is completely monitored by the management time to time.
  • Final testing process, as-built documentation is coordinated by the design team to ensure end results and handing over.
  • The service team organizes all quality checks during the execution and final handing over process thus is achieved in a professional manner.

Site Management

  • The site management team understands the project requirements from design and the project management and prepares for the execution.
  • The team first analyses the drawings, time schedules and evaluates the team requirements. They also visit the site to understand the challenges for material and manpower, accident emergency facilities and to get familiar with the fellow contractors.
  • Wherever possible, space for storing material, necessary tools & tackles, communication equipment depending on the scale of the project.
  • Work program for the upcoming weeks is identified and all fellow contractors are appraised on the support needed from them in advance.
  • The principle role of site management team is to coordinate with project team and fellow contractors to ensure smooth execution of the project. While the team prepares its targets for timely execution, it also ensures that the prerequisites are achieved by the fellow agencies by way of constant interaction and co-ordination.
  • Reports are circulated by the site team to the Project management team on the progress updates, procurement team on the stock requirements and the project is administered based on this communication cycle.
  • Planned and surprise checks for quality and safety are conducted by the management time to time. The service team conducts checks on their own for safer and flawless operation of the systems. The site management team ensures successful and timely completion. All staff is equipped with modern communication systems for quick and efficient results.

Quality Control

  • The organization established quality control measures and prepared checklists for each and every activity of the project like material receipts at site, work methods, end results and the reports are generated and circulated among the team members controlling the system.
  • The participating members of our team and the work force are trained on the expectations of the organization and the benefits of a good quality work.
  • The team analyses all on-going and past projects to device systems to improve quality. Check lists are prepared and circulated among the team members and all members are directed to comply with the same. These checklists are updated time to time based on the feedbacks from the current process. Responsibilities are divided to ensure focus.
  • Training is given to deserving members on new methods resulting in better quality.
  • We have an innovative method of improving our own quality. Members from the non-participating teams are designated as "Fault finders".
  • Their role is to inspect the other sites and find just the faults. Incentives are awarded for investigating faults or items of poor quality to ensure that the role is effective. Corrective steps are taken to ensure a better product for the Client.
  • The management believes that a job delivered with the best of material and workmanship will save future hassles. For jobs of critical nature, we even engage third party checks on our own and in our own interest.


  • Safety of the workforce is our responsibility. The work force and the supervisors are educated on all safety aspects. We also engage qualified safety officers to oversee the safety aspects by way of training sessions and inspections to check whether the guidelines are followed or not.
  • First aid techniques are taught to team leaders and all sites carry first aid boxes. Safety checklist is prepared after analyzing the risks and supervisors circulate the safety report for critical activities.
  • Teams violating the norms are monitored with dedicated safety guide nominated by the company and are given intensive training till they comply.

Training & Education

  • Educating the staff on the new methods & technologies is important for good quality work.
  • We engage experts periodically to train the staff on above aspects. The training is also focused to motivate the staff for team work. The staff is motivated by spot incentives and promotions based on their responses.
  • The management after its continuous interaction with employees believes to create best working environment.
  • Passion for work, honesty in deeds, we at ROLEX believe, can achieve our goals of prosperity.